Friday, November 20, 2009

A love of Duck Egg Blue

I absolutley love the colour! The walls that will be painted Duck Egg Blue are: Laundry, kid's playroom, lounge, dining and a feature wall in the master bedroom.


  1. lookin good...but what's this about the "kid's bedrooms" ...plural!! It just seems like a palace for miss louloubelle!!

  2. lol, there will be number two eventually and the 3rd room is study/spare room. Or do you want to sleep on the couch when you stay???

  3. do you know of any shade of paint that works.I`ve tried to find the perfect duck egg blue sill havent found it. I like the more green/blue look its hard to find...or maybe I`m being too fussy? I usually use Behr but any brand will be a help?


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