Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bathroom and kitchen tapware/mixers

The all exciting toilet roll holder, lol
Shampoo/soap holder. The kids have one in their shower and two in our shower
Double towel rails, we have two of these in each bathroom so heaps of hanging space
Bath spout
Bath and shower mixer, used in both showers
Bathroom vanity tapware
Kitchen tapware
Kitchen sink, it comes with an array of accessories. e.g. drainer basket, timber prep board, drainer tray and a whole lot more


  1. Where do get the shower soap tray ?

  2. hi i am desperate to find out the name of you shower soap rail/holder thanks!!

  3. I love the bath and shower mixer as well as the shampoo/soap holder, the designs are cute and I think they are of good quality.


  4. Better late than never, everything came from Reece plumbing


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