Thursday, July 3, 2014


I carry a travelling first aid kit with me everywhere I go with the kids, it may seem excessive to some but eventually I will use every one of these items. I live in Australia but thankfully have family that live in the US, a few months back I received a package full of Orla Kiely goodies, I knew instantly that I would be using this make-up organiser as a first aid kit. 

Front on, isn't she pretty!

Side on, not too wide considering how much is packed inside


and the other side

Where I hang my safety pins

Left side contents of the kit

Middle zippered contents. I own an In A Pikle, the plastic pouch is from that. 

and right side

So that is my travelling first aid kit that comes everywhere with us, the last time I used it was at my daughter's school carnival after she stepped on some glass from a broken bottle in the grass. Surprisingly, this was a better setup that what the mobile Saint John's Ambulance station had! 


  1. Ha! A better setup than SJA, love it! I don't have little kids anymore but I have a few similar items in my 'travelling pharmacy' as I call it.

    1. They were envious of my steri strips and derma bond. I left them with a packet of steri strips :)

  2. Did you make this yourself?? I love it!

    1. Thank you, I put the kit together but the make up organiser is Orla Kiely brand.


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