Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden progress shots

Outside of front of the house, stepping stones leading to the side of the house. Plants still to go in and an area for the bins plus fencing still to go up until the white peg
I love these mountains, especially on a rainy day

Eastern side of the house, a mass of plants to go in here

Looking the opposite way, my vegi patch which still has to have some timber sleepers around it so it will be raised. There will be climbing vegi's on the fence and around the water tank

outside the garage looking towards the kids bedrooms, a mass of plants will go in here and also a fence between the neighbors driveway and ours, it will just be pool fencing so the breeze can still come into the house

The irrigation is all finished now and all pebbles and pathways are down. Also 90% of the soil is down ready for plants, plants should go in maybe within a week or so. I've just loved seeing it evolve from a red wet muddy patch to this, can't wait to see it finished!

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