Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let there be plants!

View from my front door, we will be having fence inbetween my neighbours driveway and ours but it will just be standard black pool fencing so it won't block out the breeze or view and soon you won't see the fence as the garden will be all grown.
Side path right near front bedrooms, there are still more plants to go in here.

Looking up from halfway down the driveway

Bin area

Looking towards the two front bedrooms

On the patio looking towards pool and retaining wall. Yes I know the pool is a mess, we went swimming today

Back retaining wall and my 5 beautiful red lipstick palms that will grow tall and beautiful. The plants on the top of the retaining wall grow as tall as 5 metres and will thicken out, we also have planted 40 odd spider lily bulbs in there too.

Standing on the kids patio looking down the side of the house.

Looking out from just outside our bedroom.

Last weekend our landscape gardner dropped off 240 plants for shaun and I to plant, it took us all weekend but we did it. You may notice there are a few patches, there are still more plants to come. In 12-18 months time this is going to be a lush thick tropical garden, can't wait!

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